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Financial Wellbeing

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We believe that individuals now need much more financial support and care. In truth, financial education should be delivered in schools. But because it is not in any curriculum, we passionately feel the most effective place to deliver collective help is via the workplace. This is because:

  • Financially happy employees are more focussed, productive and loyal, especially if the employer has given them support to help manage their finances
  • It is too easy to make costly mistakes, without support and advice
  • The investment industry often overcomplicates matters to justify high fees
  • The best way to have a comfortable old age is with sensible financial planning
  • Saving money is often a worry, sometimes boring and seldom a great experience

We aim to fix this so employees come away smiling after that “lightbulb moment”. We want your employees to leave our seminars not feeling lectured to, seeing that somebody cares and believing that they may be more on track to meet their goals.


We run financial wellbeing seminars designed to educate individuals about the most relevant and interesting topics. We make them

    • Lively
    • Engaging
    • Relevant
    • Easy to understand


What else?
To enhance and re-inforce all these messages, we are developing some wonderful technology to further engage you all in this journey so you can

      • Access all the detailed technical information you need
      • Predict different scenarios through interactive planning tools
      • Take all your investments with you from job to job until you see you have enough to stop work and enjoy a well-earned rest

*   SOURCE: Met Life Global Employee Benefits Survey (Feb 2015)
**  SOURCE: IFS "Expectations and expereience of retirement in defined contribution pension: a study for older people in England (2012)"
*** SOURCE: Barclays Bank Plc "Financial Wellbeing: The Last Taboo in the Workplace" (Sept 2014)

Research Shows

51% of UK employees believe they are behind with their retirement saving *

65% of employees still plan to retire at 65 *

People aged 50 - 60 under estimate their own life expectancy - men by 2 years, women by 4 years **

Financial education is a vital pillar in any company's wellbeing strategy and is as important as physical and mental good health

2 in 5 employees have only 1 month's savings to tide them over if they lost their job tomorrow ***

Only 31% of employees feel they are on track financially for retirement ***

Only 20% of employees are satisfied with the efforts of their employer in helping to effectively manage their finances ***

Financial Wellbeing from Lorica

Works with employees to raise perceptions and the value of employer benefits

Delivers engaging interactive workshops

Can provide access to further advice and education

To Learn More

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